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Nilesh Jariwala, , MD

Nilesh Jariwala, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Nilesh Jariwala is an established physician with over 30 years of experience in Pediatrics. He obtained his medical degree at the Government Medical College of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. His residency was at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick New Jersey. He earned his state license in New Jersey in the year 1989. He is a certified functional medicine provider with extensive experience in the management of childhood and adult obesity. He has extensive experience in the management of chronic conditions with a strong emphasis on patient education on all aspects of health and well-being. Dr. Jariwala aims a holistic approach to achieving optimum health for the entire family, with hands-on tools for customized meal planning micronutrients vitamins, and food supplements stress management for joyful parenting and wellness.  Aside from these, he also actively participates in community outreach programs and he is also the current President of Indian Medical Society, NJ Chapter.

He founded his private practice in general pediatrics in the year 1991 and now, with over 5,000 active charts in the database, Dr. Jariwala was one of the first practices in Wayne to establish Electronic Medical Records since 2008.